About Us

We admit it... we love butterflies! Maybe too much!

We are a small business located in Kansas and owned by Zen Goat LLC. Our mission is to provide you with amazing Flying Butterflies, the highest quality customer service possible, and support butterfly conservation efforts.

Flutter Flyers and Zen Goat LLC are proud to support causes that have a positive impact on butterfly conservation. This is why we donate a portion of every sale to the Monarch Butterfly Fund. They have done much over the last decade to aid in helping the Monarch butterfly population, and we applaud their efforts and support their cause. Through our You Give - We Pay program, we’ve been able to build a better business by connecting customers with Monarch Butterfly Conservation. To learn more about their efforts, you can visit their website:


As industry leaders, we are able to provide the fastest shipping times available today (Flutter 2-Day Express). We pride ourselves on quick and responsive customer service, supporting conservation, and high quality butterfly products.

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Flutter Flyers
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