FlutterFlyers Disclaimer

Videos and Advertisements Disclaimer:

Please note that FlutterFlyers are fun, exciting, wind-up flying butterflies with unpredictable flight patterns that are very difficult to capture on video.  Because of that,  some of the clips in the videos on our website and advertisements are shot in slow motion in order to capture the flight.  This is not intended to deceive but to show the beautiful patterns we designed in action.  There are also clips in real time and that have been speed up. Typically, our FlutterFlyers fly for 3 seconds and up to 20 feet. To learn more about how our FlutterFlyers work visit our FAQ page. 

Safety Disclaimer:

FlutterFlyers can create quite a surprise and may not be suitable for everyone. Specifically, they are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years or for anyone with an illness that may be negatively impacted by the shock of the FlutterFlyer. By purchasing this product you acknowledge and inherit all risks associated with its use and agree to not hold Zen Goat LLC and associates liable for any claims.